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"Medicinal uses of tamarind"
By: Jessen Mari B. Taccaban, RPh, MSPHFruity Remedy

The tamarind plant is said to have several medicinal uses. It reportedly serves as a natural alternative remedy for the mild cases of the following illnesses. (For definitive advice and in case the symptoms persist, recur, or worsen, consult your doctor.)

Asthma. Boil tamarind bark in three glasses of water for 10 minutes. For adults, take 1 cup after every meal and at bedtime; children, take ½ cup four times daily; and babies, 2 tablespoons four times daily.

Colic and indigestion. Incinerate tamarind bark with salt until it turns to white ash. Add a heaping teaspoon of ash to ½ cup of boiling water. Let it cool, and drink.

Common colds. Boil pulp and add a little pepper and salt to taste and let it concoct for a few minutes. Drink while it’s hot.

Constipation. Tamarind pulp is considered a mild laxative because of the presence of potassium bitartrate. Eat the pulp of ripe fruit liberally and follow it with plenty of water.

Cough. Boil tamarind leaves, at least 100 grams, in two glasses of water for 15 minutes or until one glass of liquid is left. Let it cool, strain, and drink.

Fever. Sponge-bath the feverish person with an infusion of boiled tamarind leaves.

Joint pain and rheumatism. Crush tamarind leaves in water and apply over inflammation to reduce swelling and pain.

Sore throat and mouth ulcer. Boil tamarind fruit to create a pulp. Strain liquid and use as gargle.

Vaginal wash. Boil two handfuls of chopped tamarind leaves in a small pot of water for five minutes. Strain and use liquid as vaginal wash while still lukewarm. 

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