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Putting an End to the Stink

"Get rid of smelly feet"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaPutting an End to the Stink

Okay, so you have smelly feet. How can you put an end to this embarrassing problem? Well, if its “warm, dark, and moist” that bacteria love, then you should take all precautions to avoid the lethal trio. Here are some suggestions to keep foot odor away:

• Keep your feet clean. Clean feet means reduced microbial load. When in the shower, make sure you wash feet with soap (preferably anti-bacterial or anti-fungal soap) and rinse with ample amount of water every day. Dry them when you're done, or else the same problem can start again.

• Wear breathable socks. Socks that are made from cotton, wool, copper, and moisture-wicking material do a good job in keeping sweat away from your feet, allowing them to “breathe.” Make sure you change socks every day, or else bacteria will just simply build camp on your used socks.

• If it’s hot outside, don’t wear thick footwear. In the Philippines, it’s more practical to wear something light and breathable like espadrilles, slippers, or sandals than those fashionable winter boots.

• Wear properly fitted shoes. If your shoes are too tight or too small, your feet may sweat more than the usual, which means more bacteria can breed.

• Let shoes aerate after use. The insides of your shoes get wet too especially after a long day of wearing them. Aerate used shoes for a few days before using them again. This is why you should own more than one pair.

• Disinfect your footwear. In addition to aerating them, this is a good idea.

• Wash shoes. For rubber shoes, sneakers, and other washable footwear, it’s wise to wash them once in a while with some laundry detergent and water. Ensure that they’re dried out completely before wearing them again.

• Avoid shoes with inadequate ventilation and sweat-wicking properties. Any pair that does not allow for air circulation can be a culprit for smelly feet.

• Wear open sandals and slippers. Especially during hot humid days, give your feet a break by wearing open-toed sandals or slippers.

• Use a foot powder. Odor-fighting foot powder can help keep your feet dry all day. Apply it on clean dry feet before wearing socks and shoes.

• Buy deodorizing shoe inserts. Shoe inserts are made of materials that absorb the odor and keep your shoes smelling clean. Place these inserts inside each shoe and leave them overnight until you need to use them again.

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