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Swelling SOPs

"Tips on how to temporarily relieve arthritis symptoms until your next doctor's appointment"
By: Ericka PingolSwelling SOPs

If you are experiencing pain and swelling from arthritis, here are some suggestions to help temporarily relieve the symptoms until your next doctor’s appointment:

1.  Rest. Stopping the activity that aggravates your arthritis is the first step. If you are lying down, place a pillow below your knees to keep them elevated. This will help relieve swelling.

2.  Ice pack. Applying cold compress on the affected knee for 15 minutes every hour, at least four times per day.

3.  Wrap a bandage. Compressing the affected knee can help stabilize the joint and reduce inflammation. Use a bandage or an elastic sleeve to compress your swollen knee.

It’s also a good idea to reconsider toning down the hyperactive lifestyle. According to Mt. Tam Orthopedics’ Dr. Charles Stuart, as soon as a person begins to experience pain from performing high-impact activities, no matter how many years he has been doing it, he should consider switching to low impact activities.

Dr. Stuart recommends doing low impact cardio exercises (depending of course on what your condition can handle) for at least 30-45 minutes, thrice a week. This should strengthen the supporting muscles that will keep your joints stable, moistened, and well-nourished.

To be sure, ask your doctor about the possible exercises you’d like to try out. Consider the likes of swimming or stationary biking.

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