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Cough it Out

"External causes of chronic cough"
By: James BarramedaCough it Out

Here are external or lifestyle causes of chronic cough:

· Smoking. Have you ever noticed why smokers in your family cough lot? It’s called the “smoker’s cough” and despite warnings from the medical industry, many people continue to smoke cigarettes as part of their daily routine. Tobacco smoke, when inhaled, can cause excessive mucus secretion and inflammation of the airways, causing you to cough a lot. It is one of the recognized causes of lung cancer and COPD (see below).

· Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a serious progressive disease that affects smokers over 45 years of age. About 24 million Americans have COPD and half of them don't even know they have it. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are both forms of COPD.

· Bacterial or viral infections. Respiratory tract infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and whooping cough are caused by bacteria while influenza is caused by a virus.

· Acute bronchitis. When your air passageways become infected or inflamed, then you have acute bronchitis. Acute bronchitis can be associated with continuous cough, chest congestion, fever, sore throat, and other flu-like symptoms. Normally acute bronchitis symptoms go away after a few days of taking medication.

· Aspiration of foreign objects into the lungs. It is imperative for parents or guardians to keep a close eye on young children during playtime. Check toys before and after a child plays with them and watch out for missing labels or accessory parts.

· ACE inhibitors. Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are medications used to control high blood pressure and heart failure. About 42 million prescriptions for ACE inhibitors are written yearly and about 20 percent of patients taking them develop chronic dry cough as a side effect. Since hypertension is much more serious than chronic cough, you may have to contend with the side effect until your doctor can prescribe a different type of medication. Never discontinue taking ACE inhibitors without your doctor’s instructions.

· Air pollution. Especially if you live in the city, the air you breathe can carry with it various irritants and pollutants that can cause a persistent cough.

· Chronic infections and tumors. Persistent cough can be a sign of more serious chronic infections such as lung abscess, cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis, or of tumors caused by lung cancer and lymphoma.

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