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Hair and High Heat

"Protect your hair from summer heat"
By: Glecy GamboaHair and High Heat

One of the best ways to spend summer is to go outdoors and enjoy the wonders of nature with family and friends.  As you plan your summer getaway, keep in mind that although sunlight is needed in producing vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones, muscles, and the body’s immune system, over-exposure to the UV rays can have some harmful effects on your hair and skin. It can cause skin cancer, sunburn; it can damage the eyes and speed up skin aging.

But what about the hair? The summer heat can be harmful to the hair as well. Here are some ways to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun:

1. Make sure to drink enough water. Staying hydrated is important for one’s health, and also for maintaining healthy hair.

2. When going outdoors, wear a scarf, hat, or cap to protect your hair from the sun. Try to make sure that it isn’t so tight in order not to restrict circulation in your scalp. Or, simply use a leave-on conditioner with sunscreen if you don’t want to wear anything on your head. 

3. Limit the use of blow dryers and curling irons to style your hair because these “hot” items can dry out your hair.

4. Use natural products that are gentle on your hair and try to avoid hair products with   formaldehyde or alcohol, which can also dry out hair.

5. Before plunging into the pool or the beach, wet your hair first. This lessens the absorption of chlorine or salt water into your hair. Make sure you shampoo after swimming in order to wash off the salt or chlorine, which causes severe dryness of hair.

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