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Cough it Out of your Lifestyle

"Read more on lifestyle changes to avoid chronic cough"
By: James BarramedaCough it Out of your Lifestyle

There is nothing fabulous about harboring a bad cough. It tires you unnecessarily and affects your performance at work and at home. Many times, it also affects the quality of sleep that your body needs to repair and recuperate naturally.

If you have been experiencing a cough or wish to ensure you don’t have to go through the hassle of chronic cough, here are some suggested lifestyle changes that can help:

  • Quit smoking. Smoking irritates the lungs and can make existing cough conditions much worse.
  • Stay hydrated. Especially if you already have colds, drink a lot of water. This is because drinking fluids helps the mucus you produce stay moist and thin, according to Mayo Clinic’s Professor Kenneth DeVault, MD. This lowers incidence of developing chronic cough from postnasal drip.
  • Avoid allergens. If you know that your allergies flare up with strong scents, ensure you don’t pass through the department store’s perfume section. Get rid of car or bathroom air fresheners.
  • Reduce your stomach acid reflux. By reducing acidity, you also address the chronic cough that comes with acid reflux. Eat smaller but more frequent meals instead overindulging in food. Make sure that you don’t go to bed right after dinner. Allow four hours before lying down. Use a pillow that gives your head about 4-6 inches of elevation.

Even if you’re sick, it doesn’t give you a free pass to cough carelessly at any time or place that you like. You must also be mindful of other people’s welfare. Cough spreads infection fast especially in crowded places. To protect others from catching what you have, cover your mouth when you cough, preferably by coughing without using your hands; that is, coughing into your biceps or the inside of your elbow. Keep your hands clean by washing them often.

If you have a highly infectious disease like tuberculosis, keep your own eating utensils, sheets, and other personal items away from public access. It is recommended that those who live or work with you closely be checked by a doctor as well to rule out catching the disease.

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