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12 habits of a Good Worker

"Resolutions at the workplace"
By: Josie O. Santamaria, psychologist and Certified Life Coach12 habits of a Good Worker

The following are 12 habits that maximize your chances of career longevity:

1. Punctuality in reporting for work, attending meetings and office functions, submission of reports, etc. Being late shows disrespect for others and is a waste of their time. 

2. Always doing high quality work that you feel proud of. The opposite of this is being satisfied with mediocrity or the “Ok na ‘yan” mentality. 

3. Always helping your boss do his job excellently. Your boss is your number 1 customer. To satisfy his requirements and meet his standards is the reason why you have a job.

4. Practicing assertive communication. Express your opinions, ideas, suggestions, even your personal needs, values, and priorities honestly and truthfully. Allow others to express themselves, too.

5. Having an attitude of always looking at ways of improving your knowledge and skills and doing better the tasks assigned to you. Be open to inputs from others and give them credit for their ideas and suggestions. Seek your boss’s coaching and mentoring and give him credit for it.

6. Keep abreast of developments and new discoveries in your profession, and the business and industry of your organization. Read professional journals and books in your field, attend meetings of your professional organization, enroll in graduate school, and finish a master’s degree.   

7. Building an expertise in key areas or key competencies of your organization, its business, and industry. Develop personal mastery of your field.

8. Being a problem solver not a whiner or complainer. Cooperate in problem-solving situations.  Go the extra mile. Give well-thought out suggestions to the right person.

9. Being friendly, cooperative, and helpful to people who need your help and your inputs. People who need your help in the office are your customers. They are also the reason why you have a job.

10. Having a positive attitude towards failures. You cannot insulate yourself from failures. They are an opportunity to grow and to improve.

11. Being trustworthy, honest, and sincere are character traits that contribute to career success wherever you work. Clarify expectations and assignment before you make a promise or commitment. Meet deadlines. Once trust is broken, it is difficult to regain it.

12. Accepting the need for positive change: people, technology, processes, systems, and structures. Be ready to change with the times, but ground yourself on firm values.

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