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Ginkgo Biloba

"Uses and benefits"
By: James BarramedaGinkgo Biloba

Filipinos may just have discovered this herb for its numerous medical benefits, but ginkgo biloba or simply ginkgo (or maidenhair tree), whose scientific name is also Ginkgo biloba, has actually been used medicinally by the Chinese for thousands of years.

Available evidence demonstrates how this herb can benefit patients who have mood swings, depression, dementia, and cerebral insufficiency (marked by confusion, headache, dizziness, lower physical performance, impaired concentration, and anxiety).

Taken orally, ginkgo biloba has been known to help improve symptoms of clogged arteries in the legs that lead to pain. This condition is known as claudication. According to studies made on claudication and ginkgo biloba, patients who consume about 120 mg of the herb daily for 6 months have reported significant improvements. Of course, it is advised that intake must be coupled with regular exercise.

Since intake of ginkgo biloba extract has been found to improve blood circulation, there have been claims that the herb can relieve male impotency with regular therapy. The benefits of this herb on blood circulation also address conditions like Reynaud’s disease (a disorder characterized by decreased blood circulation in the toes and fingers) or tinnitus (a condition in which the inner ear hears a ringing or swishing sound in the absence of external sound). Ginkgo biloba has also been reported to relieve spasms in the blood vessels, slow down degradation of brain cells and enhance function of brain transmitters.

Ginkgo biloba has also been reported to have potential in boosting memory, addressing altitude sickness, alleviating symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and reducing organ damage caused by chemotherapy.

Note that ginkgo biloba may have blood-thinning effects and people with blood circulation problems or are taking meds for such should consult their health advisers before use.
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