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Which Bike is for Me?

"Choosing the right bike"
By: James BarramedaWhich Bike is for Me?

There are different types of bikes, each one having features and characteristics that are appropriate for a specific type of riding. Take your pick:

1. Road bikes. If your purpose is riding a bike for leisure or utility and you live in an area with well-paved streets, then this is the bike for you. Road bikes have a fine frame, a short wheelbase, flat handlebars, and thin tires. They are lightweight and designed for speed, but they’re not strong enough structurally as a mountain bike.

2. Touring bikes. Touring bikes are built to be structurally stronger than road bikes. These bikes have a bigger frame triangle, which is great for long distances and for carrying cargo, drop handlebars and a few more gears than your typical road bike.

3. Mountain bikes. Mountain bikes have a wider range of gears that are best for riding uphill and for climbing steep road obstacles.

4. Hybrid bikes. Hybrid bikes combine the best features of a road bike and a mountain bike. Hybrids have slimmer frames and narrower tires than mountain bikes but have slightly raised handlebars for a more comfortable upright position.

5. Cruiser bikes. Recreational riding is best done with a cruiser bike. These special bikes have upright handlebars for good viewing position of your surroundings.

6. Recumbent bikes. Recumbent bike seats feature back support, which make its rider sit in a laid-back reclined position. This position allows the rider’s weight to be distributed more evenly across his back and his buttocks, unlike other bikes that put on most of the weight on the latter.

7. Electric bicycles. Electric bikes can be powered by electric motors or by petrol engines so they are bulkier and heavier than your standard bicycle.

8. Folding bicycles. These bikes can be disassembled and stored inside your car trunk or kept inside your closet when not in use. The bike’s frame, wheels, and handlebars hinge together and fit inside a bag or box that can be carried as regular luggage. 

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