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"Baby skin vs. adult skin"
By: Dona P. CoradoSkin Sense

We always long for our skin to be as soft as a baby’s. Well, there’s more to baby’s skin than being supple and cuddly. It is very thin and delicate and can easily get burned just from a little bit of sun exposure. In the summertime, when sun rays can be more harmful than friendly, learn the ways to protect your baby from sunburn and keep his skin just the way it should be—smooth and healthy.

The skin, according to aesthetics and wellness expert Dr. Rhoda Espino, is the body’s protective barrier against adverse exposure to chemicals and harsh weather conditions. The skin’s other functions are fluid and temperature regulation, sensation (monitoring of the external environment), communication and aesthetics,  synthesis of vitamin D, fat storage, urea excretion, among others. Unlike adult skin that has grown thicker over the years, baby’s skin is too thin or soft, making the little one more prone to absorbing a lot of dangerous particles in his body, sun’s ultraviolet rays included.

The doctor also adds that since the barrier is thin, it is easy for baby’s skin to let out all the nutrients. Considering that babies have a weaker ability to cool themselves when their bodies are overheated, sun exposure can be an increased threat. More than sunburn, they can also suffer from fluid loss. “It is easy for babies to become dehydrated just from the skin alone. Too much sweating in a little baby can already lead to dehydration,” the doctor explains adding that parents must be really mindful when going out and exposing their little one to the sun.
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