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Peeling Naturally

"All about skin exfoliation"
By: Karen Lee Alabado, MDPeeling Naturally

The first thing you have to know is that your skin naturally exfoliates every month. It takes about 30 days for the skin cells to go all the way up from the basal layer (where it’s made) to the outermost skin layer which is what we see and touch. As we age, however, this natural renewal becomes sluggish, making the skin lose its natural glow and smoothness.

So what are the natural methods of exfoliating? Anything rough on the skin removes the uppermost layer. Simply using a washcloth on your face already exfoliates your skin. Most people like the feeling of rough beads on their skin—a lot of products have these small bead-like ingredients mixed in to lather on the skin and to exfoliate it.

While we know that these are commonly accepted ways to smoothen out the skin, we have to remember that even without our help, nature renews our skin monthly. In other words, using these products daily will not make your skin any better. In fact, thinning out the upper layer of the skin will make it more sensitive to various physical factors—from ultraviolet light and heat to cosmetic creams. Instead of glowing, healthy skin, you can end up with dull, pigmented, or red skin!

If you want to remove the dull, uppermost layer of the skin, a lot of home remedies can actually work. Numerous mixes are available and one that can actually work is mixing brown sugar with honey. The sugar naturally dissolves, and the honey soothes and has wound-healing and antibacterial benefits, so leaving the preparation on for a few minutes is beneficial.

Although a number of concoctions have citrus ingredients, avoid acidic ingredients which can cause stinging and redness. Remember that any redness on the skin can become brown or white pigmentation afterwards.
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