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Brown vs. White Rice

"Nutritional content of brown rice"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaBrown vs. White Rice

Did you know that weight loss isn’t the only value that brown rice can offer? Several studies have examined the unpolished grain, and all of them have come to a unanimous discovery—brown rice, compared to white rice, is the healthier choice as it brings with it a myriad of nutritional benefits with every cup!

What is brown rice? Brown rice, also known as “whole rice” or “cargo rice,” is essentially what your regular white rice looks like right before it undergoes refining process. Brown rice is the whole grain, complete with the nutrient-rich bran and germ, with only the outermost layer or the hull removed. The process of milling the grain to remove just the hull retains rice’s excellent nutritional value.

If you compare the nutritional table of brown and white rice, you might be surprised to find out that brown rice actually supplies more calories (216 calories per cup of serving) than white rice (about 160 to 200 calories per cup, depending on the type of grain). What’s more, brown rice even contains three times more fat than white rice, which has a gram of fat per cup.

But brown rice has been found to be a great source of manganese (1.76 mg)—that’s equivalent to 88 percent of your recommended daily requirement in just 1 cup serving! Brown rice is also a good source of selenium (19.11 mcg or 27.3 percent of the daily requirement), Tryptophan (0.06 g or 18.8 percent of the daily requirement) and magnesium (83.85 mg or 21 percent of the daily requirement). 

Processing brown rice into polished white rice throws out almost all of the essential fatty acids and dietary fiber. The process also removes 90 percent of the vitamin B6, 80 percent of the vitamin B1, 67 percent of the vitamin B3, 60 percent of the iron, 50 percent of the manganese, as well as 50 percent of the phosphorus content in every grain.
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