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Cycling 101

"Different types of cycling"
By: James BarramedaCycling 101

There are different types of cycling, each one varying in intensity and objective. The type of riding you choose dictates which type of bicycle you need to purchase. It is important that you select the type bicycle that fits your lifestyle, or at least be ready to commit to a regimen that the type of riding demands.

1. Recreation riding. Also known as “leisure riding,” is the least demanding type of bike riding. The objective of recreation riding is to enjoy the ride itself, usually with friends or family on Sunday afternoons. These rides are normally short, not too fast and infrequent, since they are more of a means to relax and socialize rather than achieve physical fitness.

2. Touring. When you’re doing long distance version of recreational riding, you are “touring,” which ranges from a few hours of cycling from point A to B, to riding several days with a touring organization across towns and cities. Some even spend weeks on the road to ride across countries!

3. Road riding. This type of bike riding is done on superior surfaces such as a smooth concrete pavement. Road riding entails riding a bike more for utility or getting exercise rather than for recreation.

4. Off-road riding. This is cycling with the challenge of going through inferior surfaces like rocky roads, railroad tracks, or on farmlands. Since off-road riding uses challenging surfaces, special types of bicycles are often used such as mountain or hybrid bikes.

5. Racing. Racing is riding a bike with time constraints plus the challenge of completing the whole track at the least amount of time as possible. There are bikes that are built for performance and speed over different surfaces, depending on the type of race you’re joining. Generally, triathlons just make use of road bikes while extreme triathlons may require a mountain bike.

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