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Sweet Endings

"Including ice cream in your diet - the healthy way"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaSweet Endings

Yes, ice cream can be part of a healthy diet: you just need to be aware of the calories that each serving can give you. Here are some suggestions on how you can maintain that slim figure while eating your favorite indulgently creamy snack:

  • Eat a small amount. Have a small serving and learn to savor each spoonful before swallowing completely. By doing this, you get to enjoy ice cream without too much consequences.
  • Calculate the calories. If you really can’t stop yourself from indulging once in a while, just make sure you know the caloric consequence. If for example you just consumed 400 calories worth of ice cream during lunch, then compensate by having a lighter dinner the same day. You’ll end up with the same total number of calories that you normally take in, and if this number is equal to your daily energy requirement, then you won’t gain weight at all.
  • Exercise. Walking at a relatively quick pace (about 5 kilometers per hour) for 30 minutes can burn about 200 calories.
  • Keep the flavors simple. The more complicated the list of ingredients is, the more likely it packs in a heftier amount of calories. If you do love flavors that have chunky or chewy bits in it, choose the one with fruit pieces instead of chocolates or candies.
  • Go for low-fat or low-sugar. Check the nutritional label first. Some so called “fat-free” flavors compensate by adding more sugar so you still end up with a lot of calories for every serving.
  • Try creamy alternatives. Explore ice cream alternatives like ice milk or sherbet that contain much lower fat than regular ice cream.
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