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"Lose weight with cycling"
By: James BarramedaFun and Fit!

There are actually so many ways you can become more active. Many fitness coaches say that by simply avoiding the convenient “amenities” brought about by technology—like elevators, escalators, vehicles, food processors, etc.—you can give your body the daily dose of activity that it badly needs.

But there’s a 19th century vehicle that turns out to be one of the greatest inventions that revolutionized the transportation industry, as well as the fitness world—the bicycle. For practical people, the bike is a great alternative to gas-fueled vehicles as it can also take you to fairly near places faster than walking or running, without the transportation fees. For fitness gurus, the bike is a fantastic ride that combines function with leisure and fitness. Not only do you get to travel faster to your destination, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the breeze, the sights, the smells, and the sunshine of the outdoors while doing it. To top it off, you’re burning calories and building muscles without noticing it!

Biking is a great way to burn calories and increase your overall fitness levels. It is also a great especially for the lower body, as it effectively tones muscles in the back, hips, and legs. These lower body muscle groups require a lot of oxygen to function, which means your body burns fat more when you use them.

Spending a few minutes a day biking around can also help strengthen your cardiovascular system. The exercise is a low-impact cardio workout and is highly recommended for people who may have knee or joint problems or previous injuries that limit their range of motion. Senior citizens who may not be able to handle rigorous exercising such as jogging or running can choose biking as a great alternative to stay healthy and age gracefully.

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