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Brown is Beautiful

"The benefits of brown rice"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaBrown is Beautiful

Since a significant amount of vitamins, minerals, and essential fats are contained in brown rice, you can expect a long list of health benefits with every bowl. Below are some of the notable benefits of brown rice consumption, starting with its claim to fame:

1.  Weight loss. According to a study conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School-Brigham and Women’s Hospital, women who ate more fiber-rich whole grains such as brown rice weighed less than those who ate less of these foods. Try eating brown rice and you’ll find that the same amount can keep you full longer than white rice.

2.  Anti-cancer. Brown rice is rich in fiber, selenium, and antioxidants that fight colon cancer. Fiber actually attaches to toxins that cause cancer and help the body eliminate them quickly so that they don’t attach to the cells in the colon. Selenium incorporates in one of the body’s most powerful antioxidants called “glutathione peroxidase,” which is used by the liver to detoxify harmful molecules that damage healthy cells and promote the production of cancer cells.

3.  Lower cholesterol levels. Eating brown rice that contains rice bran oil can lower LDL cholesterol (also known as the “bad” cholesterol). Brown rice has also been found to promote production of good cholesterol because of its high manganese content. Manganese helps create the fatty acids that make up good cholesterol or HDL.

4.  Regulated digestion. Fiber in brown rice helps improve digestive function. It relieves constipation by helping your body “push” waste materials out so you get rid of them efficiently through bowel movement.

5.  Healthy heart. Whole grains have been clinically proven to prevent the occurrence of several types of cardiovascular diseases.

6.  Gallstone-free. Brown rice is high in insoluble fiber, which can help prevent formation of gallstones. Researchers believe that intake of insoluble fiber not only speeds up intestinal function (so you get waste out faster), but it also reduces the release of bile acids (which trigger gallstone formation as it accumulates), increases one’s sensitivity to insulin, and lowers your blood fats or triglycerides.

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