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Drink Slimming Tea?

"The so-called secret to weight loss"
By: Nicole BautistaDrink Slimming Tea?

Fairy tales still exist today. The claims of many a slimming beverage—whether it’s tea, juice, dairy, coffee—are for the most part quite incredible, tempered only by the admission that, in the end, the no-effort slimming solution actually has “no approved therapeutic claims.” That these products fly off the shelves even with such a disclaimer printed prominently on each box just goes to show it’s easy to believe in something you want to believe in without first scrutinizing the facts.

And here are the facts: tea is a wonderful drink. It has substances that are very good for the body. Its aroma is superb. And of course, it tastes great! But like all other food and drink, tea should be taken in moderation. Herbal tea, some of which don’t have caffeine, must still be taken in moderation—most especially because you can’t tell what that mix of potent herbs can do, until you overdose on them!

The real secret to weight loss is actually no miracle—and come to think of it, no secret either. Weight loss happens when the amount of energy you use up (that is, how many calories you burn) exceeds the number of calories you take in. (This is how proper diet and exercise work if you haven’t got a clue.) Drinking some tea to help increase the total energy spent may be helpful, but whether it should exceed calorie intake actually depends on you!

Of course, that slimming teas are a motivation cannot be disregarded; sometimes, a cup of slimming tea may give just the right push to help people stick to their weight loss resolution. If that’s the case, then a little cup won’t hurt—just bring the matter up with your doctor first, especially if you are under medication.

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