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"Treating eczema"
By: Karen Lee Alabado, MDItchy Away!

How do you treat eczema? Use the right medicine, which can only be given to you if you were able to seek to consult properly. It is important to know that if your eczema does not disappear with the medication, you should go back to the same doctor. You will be reassessed as to what might be the other causes of eczema.

Persistence or recurrence might make your dermatologist do a skin punch biopsy to know the exact cause. Do not overuse the medicine given to you. If eczema does not disappear in two weeks, go back. Even if it is a cream or an ointment that you are applying to your skin, remember that it is absorbed by the body and can give you a lot of unwanted side effects ranging from pimples to permanent stretch marks.

Another reason why your eczema isn’t getting better despite using the right creams may be that a secondary infection is present. Because the skin is damaged, it is open and prone to infections: viral, fungal, and bacterial. A different kind of medicine has to be given to you to get rid of the infection. Avoid self-medication—the fewer meds you apply on your skin, the less irritated your skin will be.

Use mild soaps and moisturizers. With dry and itchy eczemas, unscented white soaps or cleansers are gentle on your irritated skin. Most of the time, people with eczema tend to “baby” it and clean it more than twice a day, which will only irritate and dry the skin some more.

With the proper diagnosis and treatment, eczemas can be more manageable. You will know how to avoid flare-ups of your eczema, what should be done when these occur, and when to see your dermatologist. What’s important is that you are in control of your eczema, and not the other way around.

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