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Mind your Manners, Part 2

"Of meetings and dinner parties"
By: Josie O. Santamaria, psychologist and Certified Life CoachMind your Manners, Part 2

How do you weave through professional and social engagements with finesse? Here are some tips.


●  Come on time or before the start of the meeting.  Being late for a meeting or for a lunch or dinner engagement is a sign of disrespect for others and reflects on your character.

●  Come prepared for the meeting so that you can contribute to the discussion or give inputs.

●  Never use your mobile phone during a meeting.  Turn it off or put it on silent mode. If you must make a call or send a text, ask to be excused and do it outside the meeting room. 

●  Never yawn during a meeting. Suppress it or cover it with your handkerchief. 

Dinner party etiquette:

●  Take a little food before coming to lunch or dinner.  In this way, you will not experience hunger pangs.  You can afford to wait and feel at ease.

●  Punctuality is expected.

●  If the affair requires the presence of business associates, appearance matters and you will be judged on how you dress. Presenting yourself in proper attire will make you feel comfortable. To be safe, come in proper business attire. For men, a business suit or long sleeved barong is appropriate. For women, a tailored suit, a skirt, and blouse with sleeves, or a dress with sleeves, or blouse with blazer and pantsuit suffice.

●  Wait to be asked to move to the dining room and to be told where to sit as there may be a seating plan.

●  Remain standing until invited to sit down. 

Business card:  

●  Offer your business card first. Present and receive business cards with your two hands so that it is readable to the recipient. Among and with Americans, no such ritual is required.

●  Read the card briefly before putting it in your business card case, or handbag or pocket.

●  Some senior level executives only give business cards to those of a similar rank. To be safe, you can present your card but don’t ask for his card.

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