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Scar Treatments

"How to lighten scars"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaScar Treatments

Let’s say you have a new scar and you’re finding ways to make it less obvious. Good news is that there is hope in making recently healed scars appear lighter and less visible. A visit to your local pharmacy can introduce you to the different over-the-counter products that may significantly make the size of a new scar smaller and lighten the appearance of old scars.

Most OTC products for scar treatment contain silicone, which moisturizes scar tissue so that skin elasticity is improved. Silicone sheets, for example, may be cut into strips depending on the size of your scar, may be able to reduce the redness, thickness, and size of scars. Silicone sheets have an adhesive, which is great for problem areas like the knees and elbows. Over time, after about 3 months of consistent use, silicone sheets can help address scar discoloration.

If you have a bigger scar that can’t be treated by OTC products (and you have the budget for it), you may consider having a laser treatment. During a session, a dermatologist or laser technician directs a laser beam on the scar to remove the outer skin layer and allow new skin cells to replace it. Once new tissue has grown over it, the scar appears more even in color and texture. For bigger scars, multiple sessions may be required before results can be expected.

Before running to the nearest laser clinic, do note that not everyone can be considered a good candidate for laser treatment. Those with a lighter complexion, for example, may benefit more from laser treatment compared to those with darker complexion. For people with untreated skin disorders like dermatitis or psoriasis, laser treatment may not be the right solution.

Remember that some medicines cannot be taken after laser treatment, so it is important that you declare your medical history and the medication you are currently taking.

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