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Flower Power

"Healing with flowers"
By: Nicole BautistaFlower Power

As a natural alternative to conventional drugs for psychological problems, depression, or insomnia, flower remedies might be worth a try. Here are common flower remedies and what they are used for.

● Chamomile. This small flower is usually recommended as a tea or infusion to soothe headaches, aid digestion, and ease anxiety. It’s also good for tummy aches and insomnia.

● Lavender. Usually added to baby baths and pillow sprays, lavender is a calming scent that aids sleep. It is also good for digestion, relieves flatulence, and, mixed with water, can act as a light antiseptic.

● Rose. Besides being the universal symbol for romance, roses can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent that can help relieve joint pains. 

Flowers are generally a reminder of how good and beautiful life is. So, whether or not any of these remedies work for you, that truth does not—and will not—change.

A good life is one that is decidedly lived well; you get to where you want because you do something to get there by working hard, growing in skills and in virtues, becoming a master of yourself and not being a slave to your passions, and, last but not the least, learning the ways of love through self-giving.

What anxiety? What depression? When you have discovered the secret of true joy (hint: it is not all about getting everything you want and having a life of pleasure), nothing will faze you. Just as a flower adds a bit of life to a sad room, this secret brings the hope and certainty that everything that happens is always for the best.

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