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Office Desk Workout, Part 4

"Back stretches"
By: James BarramedaOffice Desk Workout, Part 4

The upper back can also suffer from tightness and tension from prolonged hunched shoulders like when holding your phone against your shoulder for several minutes straight.

How to do the upper back stretch:

1. Choose a seated or standing position, whichever is more comfortable to you.

2. Stretch your arms out straight and clasp your hands together (palms facing outward).

3. Now stretch your upper back by reaching as far back as you can. Imagine yourself curving over an imaginary ball.

4. Hold this for 10 to 30 seconds before releasing.

Another great back stretch is the middle-upper back stretch. It targets your middle and upper back at the same time.

How to do the middle-upper back stretch:

1. Hold your right upper arm (located right above the elbow) with your left hand.

2. Slowly push your right elbow towards your left shoulder. Feel the stretch it brings to your back muscles.

3. Hold for 5 seconds then release.

4. Now hold your left upper arm with your right hand and repeat stretch on the opposite side.

Back curls not only stretch your back but they also target the leg muscles.

How to do the back curl:

1. Start by sitting up straight in your office chair.

2. Lift your left leg off the floor and grab your shin with both hands.

3. Bend forward and bring your nose to your knee, curling your back. Hold this for a few seconds.

4. Release then repeat stretch with your other leg.

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