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Bach's Floral Remedies

"Can flowers heal?"
By: Nicole BautistaBach's Floral Remedies

The concept of floral healing is based on the idea that the body heals itself, and that natural remedies are there to help it do so. One of the most prominent floral healing therapies comes from a homeopathy practitioner Dr. Edward Bach.

Dr. Bach was a British bacteriologist and pathologist in the 1920s before he turned to homeopathy. Having worked with vaccines, he wanted to make a remedy that helped the body heal itself without having to rely on the products of the diseases (as vaccines tend to do). This desire brought him to the practice of homeopathy, which operates upon the idea that the body can heal itself with the help of natural remedies that, on a healthy body, would cause the same symptoms. 

Dr. Bach’s floral remedies are meant to address problems in the person’s psyche—with the idea that, curing this, the remedy will help the body focus on healing itself. So, while a floral remedy can’t cure a headache, it’s meant to relieve stress so that the headache goes away.

After Dr. Bach passed away in 1936, his floral remedy system, which included 38 preparations, already had quite a following. The system encouraged people to heal themselves, and as it was based on homeopathic practices, they contained no actual active ingredients to cause any unwanted effects when combined with conventional medicine.

A 2006 appraisal of evidence made by Nelsons, a UK-based manufacturer of natural healthcare products, mentions the possibility of the remedies having only a placebo effect (as brought up by Armstrong and Ernst, published in the British journal Perfusion); their conclusion, however, is partial to the usefulness of the floral remedies.

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