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Guilt-free Holiday Desserts

"Stick to your diet while joining the merry-making"
By: Franz Josephine I. Ferrer, RNDGuilt-free Holiday Desserts

People often forget about their diets during holidays, enjoy eating whatever is on the menu, and then suffer the consequences afterwards. Some health conscious individuals follow their prescribed diet religiously, resisting the guilty pleasures all throughout the season and feeling deprived of what the other members of the family are enjoying. Usually desserts are seen as culprits to destroying the diet, therefore people fight the urge to eat a slice of cake or even a scoop of ice cream during these festivities.

Good news: there is a way to enjoy eating desserts “without the guilt” of ignoring one’s diet. Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to skip desserts: just serve lighter versions of your favorite sweets. Tickle your imagination and play around your usual desserts like fresh fruits and yogurt to make enticing desserts for your holiday celebration.

Eating lighter, healthier alternatives of the usual desserts means:

● Instead of eating ice cream, you can always go for fat-free/sugar-free frozen yogurt and top it with fresh fruit of your choice.

● Instead of eating a regular banana split, you can make it healthier by using frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and using low-fat whipped cream/whipped topping instead of the regular one.

● Choose oatmeal cookies instead of the regular cookies as oatmeal cookies are rich in fiber with lesser sugar than the latter.

● Low-fat cheesecakes with fresh fruits are good alternatives to regular cheesecakes with different toppings.

● Carrot cake is found to have a low glycemic index (physiological classification of dietary carbohydrate based on blood glucose response according to FNRI-DOST) among other cakes available in the market.

● When making parfaits or chocolate fondue, use unsweetened dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

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