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Boost Moderation Tips and Tricks

"How to moderate your alcohol intake at a party"
By: James BarramedaBoost Moderation Tips and Tricks

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), a man should limit his alcoholic intake to four drinks a day totaling to 14 servings per week while a woman should only have an average of three drinks per day and a total of seven servings a week.

If you’re the type who, at a party, often goes back to the bartender to ask for drinks, ask him to fill up only half of your glass so you can control your intake. Add in lots of ice to make the glass look “full.” Take a sip instead of a gulp and make the liquid swirl around your mouth first before you swallow. Do what you can to make your drink last longer before you go back for a refill.

Another trick to keep drinks to a minimum is to use a smaller container. Of course you’d look silly if you carry around a shot glass, but you can choose a slightly bigger cup instead of a whole pint. This gives you the illusion that you’ve already had one glass even if it is just equivalent to a third of the bigger container. 

Moderate consumption of alcohol is good practice according to the NIAAA, since it has been found those who take alcohol moderately have better health and longer life compared to those not taking alcohol at all and, of course, those abusing it. It is worth noting that alcohol abuse is associated with serious medical conditions such as breast cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, so be mindful of what you take in at all times.

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